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In reaction to the recent brutalization of democracy in Paris, France, I feel the need to issue the following statement:

It is grotesquely simplistic, obliquely justificatory and thus potentially disrespectful of the dead to maintain, as many do, that the three Jihadi killers slaughtered the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo for a variety of reasons that have to do with the West’s attitude towards Muslims and Islam.

In a rather offensive experiment of political correctness, and/or in a desperate attempt to avoid the uncomfortable truth, some say, for example, that the massacre has occurred because the killers took offense at CH‘s depictions of the Prophet, or because they were outraged by the CIA sanctioning torture, or as a result of Iraq being invaded, or for the supposed ghettoization of Muslim populations in France, or due to any other current occasion likely to be construed as an act of aggression against the Muslim world — for instance the West’s overall (purportedly dismissive) attitude towards Islam, its uncritical support of Israel, its reckless bombing of innocent civilians, and so on and so forth.

All arguments catalogued above, true, partly true or false, are certainly buttressing the extremist cause, hence they need to be addressed; they may even provide understandable grounds for bitterness to the ordinary, peaceful Muslim; but they are not the overarching motivation behind jihad. To argue the above is practically to shift, or at least to divvy up, the actual blame.

The ordinary Muslim may well have legitimate grievances against the West. But Jihadists — I repeat, Jihadists, for this is what the CH murderers are, not underprivileged proletarians or outraged believers or wayward youths — have one principle and one objective alone: the establishment, by way of military conquest and cultural expansion, of a global Caliphate, and the worldwide imposition, by way of violently eradicating any opposing system of values, of tyrannical, intolerant, retrograde and bigoted Sharia law. Jihad needs no other motivation than jihad.

Against this modern form of fascism I, too, cryall the while embracing the peace-loving faithful of the Prophet who champion an open society of religious tolerance and social diversity — enough is enough! Against the Jihadi perversion Ι, too, cry, gesturing like the picture shows below, JE SUIS CHARLIE!